Centaur Finance: Bridging DeFi and traditional finance.

The Unofficial FAQ.

Below you will find information on Centaur Finance. Namely, what Centaur Finance is, the scope of what it hopes to achieve, and the current status of the project.

AMAs are currently conducted two Thursdays each month (9am UTC) on Telegram. Please see the official Medium blog for transcripts of previous AMAs.

The Centaur team has several exciting milestones planned, including:


  • Economics Audit
  • L2 research and onboarding
  • Documentation update
  • WHEY governance
  • WHEY airdrop


  • Validator onboarding
  • CNTR <> ETH Bridge

Website / Docs

  • Website update
  • Roadmap update
  • Whitepaper update

The timeline for the execution of the roadmap is not fixed and will depend on market conditions.


Centaur Mainnet

What is its purpose?

The mainnet will be used to offer DeFi related solutions from FinTech partners. It is designed to serve as a settlement layer that aggregates data across the various liquidity pools and is intended to assist with cross-chain compatibility.

How is the Centaur blockchain protocol different from other blockchain protocols?

Powered by the Tendermint Core Consensus, the mainnet will offer Centaurian developers the high throughput, finality and ease of integration which the Cosmos SDK is famous for.

How many validators/nodes are there on the Centaur blockchain?

Currently, Centaur is running five validators and one additional validator to synchronise the block explorer while Hadar runs one validator simultaneously.

Strategic partners including Astronaut Capital, Helios Staking, Microcap Frontier Capital, Lab Moneta and Anak Indonesia have also signed up to operate nodes. Eventually, Centaur will scale up to 100 validators once the Centaur blockchain ecosystem matures.

I want to run a node. What are the requirements?

Each node requires a stake of 2.5 million CNTR. Interested node operators can use the guide at https://github.com/centaurdev/centaurchain.

What is the role of the CNTR token?

The CNTR token is the native token for the mainnet. It will be used for gas and for staking. As fintech partners develop and release their products, it will be used as the native token.

Can CNTR be staked?

Staking is currently closed but development of the smart contract for BonFi's muylti-yeild staking pool is under way. This will allow participants to earn CNTR and other tokens. More information on the BonFi partnership can be found here.

Centaur are also working on their CNTR <> ETH bridge which will allow for staking. See here for the latest update.

You can also use your CNTR to add liquidity to the CNTR-ETH LP on Uniswap. The pool tokens can then be added to the Centaur Swap to farm Whey. More on that here.

Where can I buy CNTR?

There are three places where you can purchase CNTR, namely Uniswap, MXC and Ascendex. The Uniswap link can be found at: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x03042482d64577a7bdb282260e2ea4c8a89c064b&outputCurrency=ETH

Can I buy CNTR on the Hotbit exchange?

The listing of CNTR on Hotbit exchange is unofficial and not endorsed by the Centaur team. Please use the recommended exchanges if you wish to purchase CNTR.

Do I have to swap my ERC-20 CNTR for Centaur mainnet CNTR?

CNTR is intended to co-exist on both Ethereum and the Centaur protocol. Once the Centaur Bridge is deployed, users will be able to seamlessly swap between CNTR on Ethereum and Centaur mainnet.

I cannot see CNTR on my Metamask

Please add the CNTR token address as a custom token: 0x03042482d64577A7bdb282260e2eA4c8a89C064B

What are the long-term plans for CNTR supporters?

The Centaur team is deliberating on the possibility of a WHEY token airdrop specifically dedicated to us long-term CNTR HODLers and supporters. The tentative metric used to decide on the amount of airdropped WHEY for each supporter is as follows:

Although the timeline for the airdrop has not been fixed, we can expect it to take place after Centaur Swap has been deployed to the L2 protocols.

What are the plans for marketing?

Centaur has received a considerable amount of thoughtful marketing feedback from the community. Although the IDO craze has made the marketing field immensely saturated, Centaur has boosted exposure by ramping up its distribution channels. Centaur has been featured on NASdAQ and Coindesk, as well as enjoying a shoutout on Cointelegraph’s Blockchain Venture Capital Report. Centaur will be reaching out to more pro-innovation KOL’s and pursue partnerships with projects that are highly compatible with Centaur’s architecture and ethos.

How can I contribute to the Centaur community?

Centaur is always on the lookout for talented and passionate community members. If you think you can contribute to the growth of Centaur, please send an email to contact@cntr.finance. Alternatively, you may contact the community managers Taylor or Bhavin in our official telegram channel https://t.me/OfficialCentaur .

Centaur Swap

What is Centaur Swap?

Centaur Swap is designed to offer single-side staking for liquidity providers. It uses oracle based liquidity pools to prevent impermanant loss inherent to paired liquidity pools such as those found on Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

Centaur Swap is currently in its initial release and is undergoing an economics audit. Future releases will see L2 onboarding as well as the integration of more tokens.


What is WHEY used for?

WHEY is the governance token for Centaur Swap. WHEY holders will be able to submit and vote on proposals relating to Centaur Swap. For more information, please visit: https://docs.cntr.finance/features/farms-whey

WHEY itself plays a part in Centaur’s marketing strategy. WHEY’s successful launch has improved Centaur’s visibility and engagement. To further bolster the visibility of CNTR, the team has assigned a high weight to the CNTR/WETH UNI-V2 LP farm.

Where can I buy WHEY?

How can I stake WHEY?

WHEY holders have two options when it comes to staking WHEY. Users who stake WHEY can enjoy additional WHEY tokens as reward for staking.

Option 1
Stake WHEY into the WHEY farm at https://swap.cntr.finance/#/farms.

Option 2
i. Go to Sushiswap: https://app.sushi.com/add/ETH/0xCa5d29B3e74D59EBcDF09111495d86F319886A40
ii. Enter the quantity of WHEY and ETH to be added to the WHEY/ETH pair on Sushiswap
iii. Deposit WHEY/ETH SLP tokens at swap.cntr.finance/#/farms

Can I use CNTR to farm WHEY?


The goal is to

  • Add liquidity to the Uniswap CNTR ETH LP to get LP tokens
  • Add those LP tokens to the CNTR-WETH UNI-V2 farm to generate WHEY

To do this you need to:

Your WHEY will generate over time. Once your have a sufficient amount of WHEY built up (remember those crazy ETH fees!) you can choose to withdraw and deposit your WHEY in the WHEY - WHEY farm.

Adding WHEY to Metamask.

Please add the WHEY token address as a custom token: 0xca5d29b3e74d59ebcdf09111495d86f319886a40


What is Hadar?

Hadar is a multi-asset, multi-address, multi-purpose wallet. It is an all-in-one app for crypto-asset storage, management and decentralised finance.

When will Hadar be released

Hadar is available on the Playstore. The iOS version is under review by Apple.

Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cntr.hadar

Useful links

A complete list of project links can be found here